Please note:

We are very happy to receive new members.

If you are interested in becoming affiliated to WKFL you must first be a member of a National League in your own country.
We will accept only one National League per country. Please contact the National League in your country to receive all the relevant information for processing your application or contact us if you want to found the National League of your country.

(More details in REGISTRATION FORM)

The League is a private, non-profit making institution created with the aim of managing the following sports: traditional Kung Fu, Competitive Wushu, Tai Chi Chuan, Sanda and Kuoshu, in their various modalities, styles, methods and training techniques, with an emphasis on the martial and/or therapeutic forms from China.

Besides its organizational objective, the League also has cultural, social, philanthropic, recreational and educational aims, with no political or partisan interests. It welcomes anybody who is directed to it, irrespective of social class, nationality, sex, race, color or religious belief. Join us!



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