The League is a private, non-profit making institution created with the aim of managing the following sports: traditional Kung Fu, Competitive Wushu, Tai Chi Chuan, Sanshou and Kuoshu, in their various modalities, styles, methods and training techniques, with an emphasis on the martial and/or therapeutic forms from China. Besides its organizational objective, the League also has cultural, social, philanthropic, recreational and educational aims, with no political or partisan interests. It welcomes anybody who is directed to it, irrespective of social class, nationality, sex, race, color or religious belief.

The first League was founded in 2000 in Brazil under the name of Liga Nacional de Artes Marciais e Esportes de Contatos (National League of Martial Arts and Contact Sports). In 2005, with the election of our current President, Sifu José Paulo da Silva, its name was changed to Liga Nacional de Kung Fu (National Kung Fu League) to better serve the Kung Fu community. From that date onwards, the League has been developing its role and widening its scope in order to make our Brazilian Kung Fu a united and strong force, as it deserves to be. The proof of this is that the regional states' Leagues of Kung Fu have been growing every year and the intention of the National Kung Fu league is to establish a league in every Brazilian state. Currently we have ten affiliated state leagues.

In view of the extraordinary growth of the Kung Fu National League in Brazil, and the increasing participation of athletes from other countries in our International Championships, it has become more evident that it was necessary to create a World League to represent our sport in the international arena.

Following a year of research and contacts with foreign entities, the World League of Kung Fu (Liga Mundial de Kung Fu) was officially founded at a meeting held on August 28, 2011, with the participation of members of the National League and regional states' Leagues of Kung Fu.

In the same year, 2011, Sifu Paulo was invited to go to Chile and Colombia to meet with the Kung Fu leaders of those countries in order to found the Chilean and Colombian International Leagues. These two countries are now members of the World Kung Fu League.

The practice of Kung Fu has spread beyond the frontiers of China and has become popular in countless countries.

So how can a sport, which is internationally practiced, still not be considered as a great sport, with its own organization, identity and union, as other modalities, such as, for example, MMA or Boxing?

Some will say that it is because Kung Fu has many styles, others that it is because Kung Fu is not only a fight form but also has its own vision and Zen philosophy. We agree with this, but we cannot accept the idea that Kung Fu does not need to be one unity.

We believe that it is because, while each one was propagating their own style separately, Kung Fu did not present itself as a strong entity.

It was this vision of being one strong, united Kung Fu association, with all its members growing together, that led to the creation of the World Kung Fu League, in which we all promote Kung Fu as a whole and not as individual styles. To this end, WKFL wishes to have affiliates in each country so that together we can fight for the development and for the strengthening of Kung Fu.

It has been very encouraging to see day by day an increasing number of leagues, entities and associations from other countries becoming affiliated to the World Kung Fu League. The first steps have been taken  and we shall continue our efforts to internationalize Kung Fu more and more.